why leif makes up stories

profile picI make up stories about silly things, like flying fish and talking mountains, but I also like to write about tea and traveling. There’s a lot more in the blog than what you find in the main pages, so feel free to scan the site.

Short Stories
These stories are mostly inspired by my time being a teacher in an elementary school in Korea.

Tea Stories
An homage to my favourite beverage. Pour yourself a cup and enjoy these tales.

Flying Fish
Whoever thought a fish could fly? A lovely five-part story the whole family can enjoy.


What’s better than role playing games? Not much! Except, the question remains: where does reading, writing, sharing imaginative realms and uncovering the mysteries of the past lead? Some pretty amazing places. But how real are these places? Thus, the experiment.

I’m always down for some collaboration. You can email me at nordholm.leif@gmail.com if you want to share ideas.