the supreme ordeal

Posted: November 15, 2011 in stories

What is your supreme ordeal? What is your major obstacle?

Please be honest, for your own sake. Some might say: “People tell me I am a perfectionist. I suppose it’s true, I do tend to do everything right all the time and I am judgmental of those who don’t.”

That’s not really an obstacle. Nor is: “I am a misunderstood genius,” “I tell the truth too much” or “I am too emotionally honest.”

Are you admitting your weakness or just boasting a strength that no one can accept?

Strive for perfection, but apply it to your own life and set an example. Use your genius, but find a way to translate it in a way that people can understand. Your “truth” is but one truth, and perhaps you should try opening yourself to the possibility of other truths. Emotional honesty repels the insincere. These are not faults, they are guiding lights.

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