we are psychic beings

Posted: April 21, 2012 in philosophy wars
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We are psychic beings. It’s the gospel truth. Every single one of us.

Though some claim they have psychic powers, they are both lying and telling the truth and you will discover this through enough disinterested evaluation.

Disbelieve the lie that our consciousnesses are confined to our personal bodies. This is an egocentric belief. When you finally figure out that there is but one consciousness, you also see the ways that our own signatures of consciousness do not have citizenship only between the borders of our walls of flesh.

A friend of mine was aware that I was reading her thoughts and she called me on it. I told her she was as capable of reading my thoughts or the thoughts of anyone else. She didn’t need any magical talisman or years of study in a Himalayan temple. She could do it right away. The fact that she felt she couldn’t was a choice, not an inability.

When I hit her with that truth, that we are all psychic beings, she tempted my ego: “Well, surely you are more psychic than others.”

No, not in the least. If you get caught up in the idea that you need faith or have to believe in something to be psychic, you have arrived at the opposite of the truth. If you have not discovered your psychic powers, it is in fact evidence of a great amount of faith. You have since you were young believed the lie that we are not psychic beings, and that people who do possess psychic powers must be special. It is more the case that in early times, people who could not read minds were the special ones. They were the ones who could do terrible things without regret. They were the ones who could kill other people without feeling their pain. They were the ones who could enslave others and create inequity for their own self-interest and material wealth. It is the non-psychics who are powerful, unethical and dangerous.

For those of us who have disbelieved the fiction of the walls between us, who have struggled with inequity and striven to fight against it, the time has come that we educate all people on how to do the same. It benefits us in no way to think we are special or consider these powers to be strange or exotic.

Here’s the problem. The materially powerful ones, the stewards of inequity, the non-psychics, they have a vendetta against us. They think we are evil, that we are informed by the devil, and certainly once this gets out, once we begin to unplug humanity from its self-hating delusion of inequity, they will strike against us with wicked words and powerful guns.

It’s through love that we do what we do. Love for humanity, sure, but the real love is bigger than you ever imagined. The real love is an air, an ether in which we are all suspended. In it, there is a perfect thing to do. There is a perfect way of moving and a perfect series of events. There is a perfect word to speak and a perfect result for every perfect action. When you can see this as well as we do, you will be ready.

Still yet I do not always do the perfect thing. Sometimes I act against the perfect thing. It’s a little dangerous when you begin to break down the walls in a time of love for the human spirit, and then in a time of hatred, enabled with these new abilities, poison the psyches of others and drive them mad.

White light. Focus on the love. Breathe.





  1. TearLily says:

    So wait, if I wanted to read minds I could just like that? You don’t have to be anything special or do anything specific? This is interesting. Would you mind talking to me about this?

    • Sure. There actually is one special thing you can do, but it is a rational exercise. The same way the atheist has a lack of faith in the existence of God and heaven, the psychic has a lack of faith in the supremacy of the material world. So, just disbelieve. **Since you’ve shown an interest, this is quite important: anyone who offers to sell you a method on cultivating psychic abilities is a) fraudulent in trying to sell you something you already possess and b) likely a charlatan. Those of us who have figured this out have to stop trying to make money on it. That is a source of frustration for me. The future has no money. But in the future, as in the past, our survival will depend on our degree of empathetic and telepathic awareness. Everyone needs to learn this. If the exercise here is not enough or you have some questions, I can be contacted at nordholm.leif@gmail.com.

      • TearLily says:

        Thank you. I agree about people trying to make money off of something that should be freely spread around. I am very interested. I plan to email you about it.

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