trance stories: the new meditations pt. 1


With the close of chapter three in Paxson’s “Trance-portation” and the opening of chapter 4, we are given a bunch of new exercises to try. These exercises are ever expanding us into the world outside our material reality. Before we go there, however, let’s take some time to remember our relaxation exercise #10 for clearing our minds:

Now the new stuff!

Storing things within your imagination

11. Get a thing! Render it within your imagination! Think of it: in your waking life, things IMG_1436.jpgare but images. They have concrete detail in your mind, and your mind alone. They are no more restrictive than concrete items in your dreams. You train your dreams the way you train your waking mind: with a language of images. The lovely piece of this is that you can render an item in your imagination the same way you investigate an item in reality, and vice-versa. This heart-shaped pendant I hold in my fingers was taken from the imagination of its artist. Why could I not do the reverse, and memorize every bump and detail of the charm, and re-construct it in my imagination? That is what Exercise 11 does: allows me to “scan” an image from waking reality into dream reality through observing, remembering and visualizing.

12. Open up to using several objects, and even recordings. Activate different senses for this task. “Scan” various sensory stimuli into your imaginative world. Texture, scent, and even taste. I would like to try to actually create an entire room within my mind and place objects in it. Oh, the potential. I want to try to scan in this tea set: 27459571_10214575048397171_934366523710587231_n

How lovely would it be to have tea in my mind?

Hands-on connection

13. Find a willing volunteer. Use your hands’ touch to find places on the partner’s body that is very warm or cool. Move your hands further away so that the feeling of your presence is still detectable. It is possible also to do this with your own body if a partner is unavailable. Wherever things are tense or aching, bring your hands to those places and feel the alleviation of that pain as you draw your hands away. Mimic this transfer of tension by tensing your body with your hands on it, and releasing the tension as you draw your hands away. Cold will feel stiff, but gradually soften as your hands move away. Hot will feel jittery or saturated, but gradually lose its unease as you lift your hands.

This is more than enough for today. I will have much to share tomorrow.


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