energizing trance: image by Francesca Resta, sound by Leif Nordholm



I saw this incredible image by Francesca Resta (above), and I hope I’m not infringing on any copyrights by setting it to a trance I did last night. It’s just too good. If it helps, I’m making no profits off this whatsoever.

The following is an energizing trance set to my friend’s djembe. Oh, and it’s a beautiful djembe. I got to visit it yesterday. My research tells me that the word djembe comes from a Bambara portmanteau of the verb “to gather” and the noun “peace”.

The phrase is, “Aslithar Alle, Valhalla Visir, Magn i rotum vinda skal, Magn i rotum vefa skal.” You might translate it as, “To all Gods and Wise of Valhalla, May your roots be strongly wound, may your roots be strongly woven.” I got the phrase from a Wardruna album.

So, beautiful artwork, beautiful drum and beautiful phrase. If there are any contraindications to doing this trance, I would just say if you have heart problems, anxiety or chronic pain/sensitivity, consult with a physician before accessing this media in a trance state. At least when I did it, it gave me a stronger buzz than a cup of coffee. It’s probably best to do it in the morning, or do it before a physical activity like working out or hiking.

Instructions for use:

Sensory setup:
Visual: The ideal view will be a projector or possibly those newfangled screen goggles they use for VR. Otherwise, a clear screen that you can gaze at directly will do.
Audio: I recommend bluetooth headphones, either earbud or overear. Sound is only 2-Channel, so surround is unnecessary.
Scent: use your usual trance essential oil. If you aren’t fixed to a particular one, try something invigorating such as grapefruit or cinnamon.
Taste: Pairs well with a rich black tea like assam or keemun. If available, a chai or Seattle Market Spice Tea would suit. For evening, a spiced mead would also pair nicely.
Tactile: Use your typical garment and pendant. If you don’t have a preference, I suggest a light garment, such as a dhoti or chemise, as this exercise may raise your body temperature. Pendant options may include, aside from an image of the Goddess herself, a shield, arrow, cat, heart or the rune Fehu.

  1. Begin by performing your ward in the way you are accustomed. Balance and center your position, cross-legged on the floor, sitting in a chair, or standing with the support of a staff.
  2. Set the video to fullscreen and press play.
  3. Try toning with the chant. You may need to listen a few times to get the chant because the arrangement changes throughout.
  4. Try swaying, bowing or moving with the chant within your warded circle.
  5. Try an entire session of looking into the eyes of the Freyja image. Consider the levels of reality as you do this: to what extent is the subject of the image real, and to what extent are you simply on another realm of existence?
  6. When finished, remember to ground yourself with a sensory activity, such as reversing your ward, changing into civilian clothes, and watching some form of unrelated media.

Trance video:

Journal update:
I woke with this paragraph written in my dream diary:

For this one, I can simply say that a being is with me, and she is talking about how the energizing trance video can be used, giving me the warm richness of blurred trance into sleep, slipping the smooth opiate of writhing sleep to my wired disposition. Upon waking I felt refreshed despite the few hours I slept, wondering what the next day would bring.

Yeah, she was with me. I’m going to be honest, I don’t really know who she is. What I will say is that everything felt comfortable this morning. Every patch of skin making contact with my blanket was filled with ecstatic joy. Just brushing my shoulder up against the fabric of my sheet shot lightning bolts of comfort through me. I’m gonna say this one was a win.

Skål min venner!


4 thoughts on “energizing trance: image by Francesca Resta, sound by Leif Nordholm

  1. Excellent work on the blog post and trance! I see you’ve noticed the “refueled!” feeling many tranceworkers benefit from. You had centered both your Miðgarðr self and Otherrealm self, allowing free flow of energy and a truly restful state for your body, soul, and mind.

    It’s largely up to you to figure out who you met with. I recommend next time you trance or if you decide to do a ritual; give her thanks, and formally invite her to your personal construct and location in the Otherrealm. =) Well done!

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