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Happy Vengeance Day!

On the Heathen calendar I bought for $9.99 in a shopping mall downtown, they call today Válisblot. My instant reaction was, No… we’re not appropriating a holiday for the purposes of our own cultural identification, are we? WHO does that?!?” Oh, yeah. Western culture has been doing that for centuries.

I guess despite some St. Valentine character being thrown in the mix at some point, it’s still the day of Cupid and Venus. And Váli! (Not to be confused with the Vast Active Living Intelligence System of Philip K. Dick. The LOST nerds in the room just produced a happy sigh.)

Anyway, I am sorry to all the folks who feel left out of Vengeance Day, aka the blot of Váli. From Baldrs draumar:

Rindr will bear Váli
in western halls;
that son of Óðinn
will kill when one night old—
he will not wash hand,
nor comb head,
before he bears to the pyre
Baldr’s adversary.

Apparently this is quite a new tradition. I love new traditions. After all, aren’t life paths always evolving? So, if you’re looking over at your Heathen partner thinking, with the rest of the world celebrating love, and getting chocolates and flowers, why the hell am I stuck with someone who’s meditating on all those who deserve vengeance? I have good news for you: Vengeance is all about love.


Who has the perfect relationship? No one. There’s always some point at which you’ve thought, “What happened to my life? How did I end up in this disappointing relationship?” And if you don’t think you’re resentful for giving your best years to an unappreciative partner, you’re either a) one of the “lucky” few or b) totally lying to yourself.

You think one day of flowers and chocolates will make up for the fact that you’re with a person who doesn’t have:
a) the perfect salary
b) the perfect body
c) the perfect reaction to every situation
d) the most glamorous job
e) the perfectly neurotypical brain that is capable of entertaining you with quality conversations whenever you want them (and knows when to shut up when you don’t), and,
f) the American Dream of a brand new house, two-car garage with two cars in it, two perfect kids who never act up or have identity issues, and you know, platinum cards with no monthly minimum?

Well now, if you can live without wanting any of these things, you must be spiritual as hell. Call me up right now. We’re getting married before you can change your mind.

If we’re being super-realistic, we understand that the human condition is to ALWAYS WANT BETTER. In the pursuit of always wanting better, we will naturally resent a partner who may very well be doing their best, but has failed to provide us with everything on our subconsciously-created checklists.

So you can either be passive aggressive about it, and express sad, whiny disappointment that your partner isn’t everything you wanted (because as we discussed, your partner will never be everything you wanted) or, you can Heathen up, and take the aggressive route: Unstructured, raging combat.

Get revenge.

Scribble down everything you’ve been wanting to say for the longest time in frantically-written scrawl. Scream at the moon and get that psychotic glare in your eyes. Break a few things. Then, you and your partner should strip down to your scivvies and have a joyous ten-match no-holds-barred MMA match. Hairpulling, crotch shots, biting and spitting included.

After taking revenge on your partner for your joyless domestic situation, laugh it off, dress each others’ wounds, and make violent love.

Because that’s the true spirit of Vengeance Day.

I hope no one ever reads my blog. You might get the impression that I’m not simply writing it to amuse myself.

So, oh yeah, I promised to write something about my trance last night. I’m going to be honest, after all that Fehu stuff (see my last post), I ended up working from 11pm Monday straight until 9:15am Wednesday. I like to think the “magical effects” are just in my mind, but the truth is, I just made a crapload of money. Of course it isn’t enough. It’s never enough. That’s the snaky part of Fehu.

With all the work coming in, I barely had time to go to the park that isn’t guarded by paladins (see previous journals about this running joke) and visit Mal the Cottonwood. so I ended up visiting the small tree in front of my residence. I did meditations, and went to sleep. And oh, the dreams! I only wrote a couple down.

In this dream, I got to be with one who got me into writing. We spent a lot of dream-time together. Someone mentioned to me that the reason she keeps her chin high with me is she needs to look up to see into my eyes (odd, because she’s quite tall). We spent time in the dream that I honestly can’t recount. We were just talking and being in each others’ presence.

That was a pleasant way to spend the dream time. Oh, and then there was this other lovely dream:

There was a TV show where a drummer was challenged to replicate the drumbeats of popular songs. I walked right on and joined the competition. The dream turned quite lucid. I woke up in the dream, aware that it was morning outside my mind. I was surrounded by all the drums and pianos. I decided I wanted to stay in the dream for a while and play.

For these kick-ass dreams, I just want to give gratitude to the Gods. I’ve been processing some heavy stuff lately. Thank you.

Aslithar Alle, Valhallar Visir,
Tusen takk!


4 thoughts on “trance stories: Váli

  1. Valentine’s is an interesting day isn’t it but I liked this post on the subject.
    Although it got me thinking be un-off-end-able but it doesn’t change the reality of the holiday but has a lot not to be unoffendable. That God has not abandon us is that nothing can separate us from love of God and what he has done for us. Like the hymn amazing love so good to be. We definitely have to have people attentive to us that it’s hard to believe anyone does for me. But we are dis pleased with others cause God is displeased with us. It’s due to immense frustration. But god due to our unbelief, one can pray help us with our disbelief. On how Jesus treats his friends who abandon him in his greatest need. He wanted to be with friends and he wanted to pay our sins. He the one we always wanted as a father. That vain hope of love, hoping for yearning something will change. What extraordinary things we want to happen but has already happened. It’s a mystery this holiday but we can be amazed at love does in life.

    1. Thanks for that perspective. I can see you put a lot of feeling into your response. I’m a researcher at heart, and my reason for writing this was to honour a modern tradition with a thought-provoking piece on a meaningful subject. Its purpose was not to offend. I’m quite sure any connotation the holiday has to the deity you speak of was a change to the original holiday. I would present that information here, but many writers have done a better job on the pagan roots of V-day than I think I would. Just Google “pagan roots of Christian holidays” and I think you’ll come up with some fascinating reading. Thanks for the comment!

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