trance stories: why don’t people just get it?



I feel like I’ve had a pretty gentle ride so far. Last night, however, something happened that I didn’t expect.

I’ve been steadily adding to my repertoire of meditations. Now I have a relaxation trance, a chant, and a rune-discovery. Soon I’ll be recording an Otherworld journey meant to discover a fetch, or animal spirit.

I feel so productive and driven these days. But for some reason I lost consciousness during trances last night. I’ll be honest: every time I add a meditation to my playlist, I feel like doing all of them. That’s a lot of trance.

What I’ve noticed is that the more I get into trance and meditation, the more I start to feel like the world would just be much better if people just “figured it out”. The world can improve, we just need to make that choice. Why don’t more people “get it”?

So here, on this blog post, I’m going to transmute some energy:

Thor: I just feel like snapping. It’s okay to get angry, and a perfectly natural human response to being faced with the sociological reality of “role conflict”: being expected to participate in several levels of society at once.

Wow, I’m feeling that Thor energy. You know what, it feels good. For a bit. Then I realize that I need to ascend to the next level of energy:

Odin: The magician handles situations with grace. Ever notice in your readings that people talk about fearing Odin?

Why Odin?

Why not fear Thor, the angry one?

Why not fear Loki, the wily one?

When I meditate on the All-Father, I think of how silence can be more powerful sometimes than a whole slew of words. I think of how he learned the art of expressing himself on three levels. What these levels are remains a mystery, and no one can truly define the Thrice-High.

The power is in the mystery.

Where did the mystery come from?

Freyja: There is speech beyond words. This is the level of the reality of the unknown. The truth of the unknown, is that as much as we may try to assemble a totalizing theory, a universal narrative, a situation where everything lines up and works out, such a world is but a solipsistic effort to understanding everything all at once. Thinking we can do this is pure egotism. You don’t understand everything. You weren’t meant to understand everything.

The Norns have a bunch of threads that are not tied to anything. They dangle and fly off the table and sit on several looms or fall upon the floor. There is no ultimate witness. Your brain does this incredible thing: it makes do with a chaotic influx of competing signs. Your brain ties it all together. As soon as things start to fall apart, it tries to gather things up again. Sometimes it fails.

When it fails, like it did for me last night (I passed out during trance.. I actually never do that), I know I need to call up and make an appointment with my counselor. I need to regroup and run some ideas past someone. There are professionals for that.

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone needs help. Especially if you are increasing your level of energy. The negative stigma we attach to counseling is entirely unfair. It’s when people aren’t getting help that we should be concerned.

Anyway, I’m going off to that appointment. Life is good. We’re becoming warriors, in the best possible way: transmuting our energy from frustration to true magical power.

Aslithar Alle, Valhallar Visir,
Tusen Takk!



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