mantra experiment

Variable descriptions:
Subject S
Controlled variable Ω = the six syllable mantra (Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum)
Dependent variable θ = the comprehension of the meaning of the mantra
Independent variable Δ = the acquisition of θ by S
Inductive result Σ = the desired outcome of the investigated claim
Limiter R = the degree of resistance to Σ
Conductor A = the degree of S‘s actions corresponding with Δ, with reference to amount of impact (if any) on the volume of Σ

by JereduLevenin

The claim investigated:
Ω modified by Δ increases the value of θ leading to the augmentation of the higher brain function Σ, also to be understood as sensitive faculties or empathetic reasoning. Σ, however, will show no increase in volume without A as a modifier.

Mode of examination: Collection of qualitative data.
(What about electroencephalography?)

The experiment:
S begins intonation of Ω for a duration ranging from five minutes to a half hour in daily sessions for a period of forty days. Ostensible stasis is abolished due to an extensive range of spurious variables such as environment, or age/religion/culture of S. S is self-willed to expand θ with the use of inquiry signified by Δ. The presence of Σ is scrutinized through randomly occurring events unmoderated but recorded by the research team based on qualitative data acquired from S. Degree of R is measured and used to determine overall effectiveness of the investigated claim. Σ is measured to discover if A bears any influence on augmentation of Σ.





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