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This is an amazing world, this readers and writers community.

I am now reading blogs from people who read, write and experience life. It is incredible!

I can read posts from people around the world whose minds are focused intently on one thing: the word. This realization is inspirational for me. Have you ever felt like life is devoid of true substance, or that the sole purpose of life for the majority is simply to acquire possessions, satisfy their momentary wants and live to herd others? In the words of Bjork, there’s more to life than this, and many in the wordpress community reflect this understanding in words. Simple words. Delicious words. Swirling, spiraling words going through my mind as I walk to the store or teach classes.

Keep going. Be an inspiration. Delve your inner depths and explore your daily life.

Goddess Fortune is becoming frustrated. She wants to own your soul. But you sit there laughing and learning that there is much more to life than her fickle domination.

I finish this with the words of one of my favorite modern songwriters, Eugene Hutz:

Be them new Romans
Don’t envy them my friend
Be their lives longer
Their longer lives are spent
Without a love or faithful friend
All those things they have to rent
But we who see our destiny
In sound of this same old punk song
Let rest originality for sake of passing it around
Illuminating realization number one:
You are the only light there is
For yourself my friend


from u2b

Posted: January 27, 2012 in music

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  • It used to be you would put on an album and sit around reading the liner notes while listening to the music. Now we just look it up online and read dumb comments on YouTube.

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