Signatures on Handcrafted Pottery


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I don’t have much left from my mom’s estate. Driven by poverty and a need to feed the beast, she sold everything of worth in her final days. I ended up with two categories of items: boxes upon boxes of portfolio (books and magazines she wrote, published or edited going back to the 1970s) and handmade pottery.

My mom had friends of all sorts, mostly writers, and an eclectic bunch they were. A couple of her friends were potters. Out of her love for supporting her friends’ skills, and a taste for handmade decorative and practical items, she ended up with many lovely pieces of pottery.

These days I write, but I’ve yet to publish for a living. One thing I have ended up acquiring is that taste for homemade kiln-fired culinary wares. What I find most interesting is not just the artistry of the items, but the mark the potters leave behind– literally, on the bottom of each handcrafted piece is a stamp, signature, or insignia of some sort.

Here are a few examples of my favourites. No dishes were harmed in the making of these photographs. Ok, one was. It’s fine, I’ve repurposed it :p