prayer for all

Alright, here’s a source of some controversy. I am not blindly recalcitrant, but I do acknowledge that the forces, while they spin this tiny blue dot in the cosmos, get trapped in certain grooves that may or may not benefit our understandings of the total experience of non-material reality. In essence, I am not impressed with demiurgic renderings of faith when there is a much larger spiritual reality to be understood.

There it is. Clear as mud, right?

I’m not trying to throw you off here. How can I explain to you the importance I find in direct faith? How about a prayer?

To the heart and essence of creation,
Manifest daily in all things,
By the level at which we perceive Thee,
We deny our bigotry and prejudices,
For these are barriers to our understanding
And experience of Thy Light.

We thank Thee for Thy blessings and trials;
We see Thy Light in every soul we encounter.

When we ache for Thy presence,
We perceive Thee close at hand;
When we feel Thy power,
We perceive how we’ve never been without it;
We know Thy power
As we’ve witnessed it in our own works of charity,
Of compassion, benevolence, tolerance and simplicity,
And therein we know the power is not ours, but Thine.

Give us strength to enact Thy will
And ears to perceive Thy guidance;
Give us hearts to understand our trespasses,
And give us hands to make amends;
Give us eyes to see the divine beauty
In all Thy works, and illuminate the paths
That guild the mired roads we mistakenly tread.

For Thy essence we live,
For Thy truth we pray,
And for a bright path for all
We solemnly strive:
Help us keep our faith alive.


travel photos: burningman Korea

Photos by Dana Felthauser

Excerpts from “Four Quartets” by T.S. Eliot

“In that open field
If you do not come too close, if you do not come too close,
On a summer midnight, you can hear the music
Of the weak pipe and the little drum
And see them dancing around the bonfire
The association of man and woman
In daunsinge, signifying matrimonie—
A dignified and commodiois sacrament.
Two and two, necessarye coniunction,
Holding eche other by the hand or the arm
Whiche betokeneth concorde. Round and round the fire
Leaping through the flames, or joined in circles,
Rustically solemn or in rustic laughter
Lifting heavy feet in clumsy shoes,
Earth feet, loam feet, lifted in country mirth
Mirth of those long since under earth
Nourishing the corn. Keeping time,
Keeping the rhythm in their dancing
As in their living in the living seasons
The time of the seasons and the constellations
The time of milking and the time of harvest
The time of the coupling of man and woman
And that of beasts. Feet rising and falling.
Eating and drinking. Dung and death.

Dawn points, and another day
Prepares for heat and silence. Out at sea the dawn wind
Wrinkles and slides. I am here
Or there, or elsewhere. In my beginning.”

-T.S. Eliot